Production and Distribution of Food Additives and Ingredients
for the Food Industry. Dry Mixes for HoReCa


European countries are gradually recovering from the peak of the pandemic. Many have been relaxing restrictions since the beginning of May. Cafés, restaurants and small catering outlets return to work, including sales of soft ice cream. Of course, all precautions are to be followed. Gloves, masks, complete disinfection of the premises, avoiding queues, selling ice cream through the window for takeout... The owners of ice cream parlors proceed responsibly, ready to work hard so that people can still enjoy the usual frozen dessert with their favorite tastes. North American ice cream makers are guided by the same philosophy. Despite the dire situation in the US, they find opportunities to delight their fellow citizens with soft and hardened ice cream. Solutions include takeout only, prepaid sales, limited staff and short working hours. We hope to start providing our compatriots with their favorite ice cream pretty soon!


Nicosia, Cyprus Yiannis Kourtoglou / Reuters

Carroll County, Maryland, USA Brian Krista / Carroll County Times

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