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GIORD has been operating in the food additives market for more than 25 years. We offer top quality ingredients, as both mono ingredients made by foreign suppliers and our own complex inventions are strictly controlled.

Our products are always relevant and meet the needs of specific customers. Due to our personal approach and attention to the customers preferences, our inventions help partners to create unique competitive products that stand out on each shelf.

To order a custom-designed development, please fill out the form below. Our managers will contact you to discuss the details and pass your request to the R&D department. The minimum amount of additives for a custom-designed development is 500 kg.

Our latest inventions include:

Popcorn additives for the leading Russian snack manufacturer: Creamy Caramel additive with unique custom made color, taste and aroma, and Cheese additive with a new flavor profile, which can withstand temperatures up to 100 °C and is suitable for all popcorn machines;

Stabilans FLAU, a special development for a large Kazakhstan gingerbread manufacturer; a gluten-free enhancer that makes the product more beautiful and keeps its shape without wheat flour, commissioned by a Perm bakery;

Lite baking powder of the extra cost-efficient segment for the customers of a Chuvash trade organization;

Stabilans M8 for cold mayonnaise preparation with varying fat weight fraction for a customer from the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania;

A line of mixes for Frappé and Choco Latte cocoa drink for an international coffee chain.


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