Production and Distribution of Food Additives and Ingredients
for the Food Industry. Dry Mixes for HoReCa

About Us

Established in August 1993, GIORD has become one of the leading food ingredient companies in Russia.

We are always interested in new partners, committed to long-term collaboration and open to new ideas and innovations. 
Your proposals concerning the supply of food ingredients, raw materials and finished products are welcome. Please contact us by email at

GIORD produces and distributes food additives for various food industry branches.

At its own production facilities, GIORD manufactures food additives that simplify technological processes, improve product quality and reduce costs, i.e.:

  • custom made food colorings that add every needed color to ice creams, confectionery, beverages, meat and dairy products, etc. (chocolate, apple, apricot, orange, cherry, green peas, caviar, pomegranate, coffee, and other colors);
  • complex food additives of the STABILAN® series (thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers) for ice cream, mayonnaise, ketchups, dairy and meat products, confectionery, caviar, beverages, sauces, pasta, etc.;
  • STABILAN FLAU® to increase the shelf life of baked goods and slow down staling, molding and rancidification by 4-5 times;
  • GLURINAT® and GLUTAMIT® taste and flavor enhancers;
  • BENOSORB®, an all-purpose preservative;
  • VALERY-MIX® dry mixes for soft ice cream, desserts, cocktails and other beverages;
  • SLAD® and SLAD® with Stevia lines of intensive sweeteners.

Our products have been highly acclaimed by consumers and specialists. At the 7th International Specialized Exhibition INTERFOOD / INGREDIENTS 2003, GIORD became the Golden Ingredient competition award winner for the development of the GLURINAT taste and flavor enhancer.

In 2017, GIORD won the Best Product 2017 competition and received a gold medal for the VALERY-MIX dry mixes.

We constantly participate in the largest specialized exhibitions. GIORD took part in the 18th PIR EXPO exhibition in 2015, as well as in the 20th Ingredients Russia International exhibition and the 20th PIR EXPO exhibition in 2017. In 2018, our inventions were presented at PRODEXPO Trade Show and, again, at PIR EXPO. In 2019, GIORD became an exhibitor at Modern Bakery Moscow Trade Fair for the first time.

In addition, GIORD supplies more than 1000 types of food additives. We have strong business relationships with such major suppliers as:

  • Foodchem International Corporation (China)
  • Scentium (Spain)
  • Roeper (Germany)
  • Starfood (China)
  • Vidhi Dyestuffs Mfg (India)
  • Meihua Group International Trading (Hong Kong) Limited (China)
  • Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Atlantic Chemicals Trading GmbH (Germany)
  • and others.

An extensive experience in cooperation with companies from many regions of the world taught us to take into account the peculiarities of various markets and find common ground with partners. We offer a wide range of products at favorable prices and on flexible delivery terms. Both in Russian regions and CIS countries, businesses of any specialization and size are pleased to work with us. 
Since 1993, GIORD has gained trust of more than 5,000 clients, ranging from individual entrepreneurs to large corporations.

To optimize the cooperation with the regions, GIORD has developed a huge dealer network. A well-established workflow enables us to provide a wide range of high quality products, as well as to ensure uninterrupted supply of food additives, full customer service and strict fulfillment of contracts.

All of our customers receive wide support including:

  • Delivery of our products by any means of transport,
  • Flexible one-time and cumulative discounts and trade credits for regular customers,
  • Samples of food additives for laboratory testing,
  • Individual advice on the use of our products, technology of food production and certification issues,
  • Recommendations for the product application,
  • Development of food specifications, instructions and formulations.

We also have a technological support service, where skilled technologists can answer your questions about the application of food additives.

Russian Food Ingredient Producers Union

GIORD is a cofounder of the Russian Food Ingredient Producers Union.

GIORD's structure includes the following divisions:

  • The Quality Control Department monitors the compliance of all our products with the regulatory requirements, as well as the availability of quality certificates issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) and other necessary documents.
  • The Production Control Department develops recipes, manufacturing process and application of food additives. It also provides assistance to our customers in theory and practice of the product application. The Food Laboratory of the Production Control Department studies market novelties and works out modes of application and dosage of additives in the production of specific food products. This enables us to develop tailored recipes for customers and draw up relevant technical documentation.
  • Production Departments include facilities for raw material preparation, STABILAN production, packaging, GLURINAT and ice cream mixes production, as well as warehouses equipped with climate control for raw materials and finished products.
  • Sales Department. Our managers are well versed in the market and offer the most convenient delivery options.
  • Logistics provides delivery to Russian regions and CIS countries within the shortest possible time. 
  • Procurement Department.

GIORD also owns a publishing house that prints educational, technical and scientific literature for food professionals.