Production and Distribution of Food Additives and Ingredients
for the Food Industry. Dry Mixes for HoReCa


The most popular antioxidants are citric and ascorbic acids, trisodium citrate and butylhydroxytoluene.

Liquid and powdered flavorings produced by a Spanish manufacturer, ethyl vanillin and crystalline vanillin.

GIORD's own inventions: Zhokhay and Lite vanillins of varying intensity with various aroma profiles.

Common thickeners (gums, agar) and emulsifiers (lecithin).

GIORD's own inventions: complex thickeners for a wide range of products.

The most popular preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sorbic acid, natural nisin and GIORD's own invention BENOSORB®.

Natural and synthetic colorings and GIORD's own inventions: mixed colorings with a rich palette of shades.

GIORD's own inventions: meat and fish fresheners.

Intensive mono sweeteners, natural sweeteners and GIORD's own invention: complex sweeteners SLAD®.

GIORD's own invention: stabilization systems for various sauces, beverages, ice cream and fermented milk products.

GIORD's own invention: dough leavening agents and flour enhancers for bakery, confectionery and donuts.

Sodium glutamate and GIORD's own inventions: flavor and aroma modifiers GLUTAMIT® and GLURINAT®.

GIORD's own inventions: functional concentrates for muffins, chocolate and classic biscuits and rolls.

GIORD's own inventions: complex mixes for muffins and biscuits, custard, fillings and sugar fondant. Sugar powder.