Production and Distribution of Food Additives and Ingredients
for the Food Industry. Dry Mixes for HoReCa
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Sugar substitutes and intense sweeteners are added to food products to give them a sweet taste. They can be either natural or synthetic.

The dosage of intense sweeteners and sugar substitutes is calculated based on the approximate sweetness coefficients and then adjusted after tasting. Sugar can be substituted with a sweetener completely or partially.

When choosing a sweetener for products with a long shelf life, attention should be paid to its storage stability. As a rule, during long-term storage, intense sweeteners slowly decompose into components that are harmless but not sweet.

Intense sweeteners are tens and hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. They make it possible to produce low-calorie dietary products that are completely or partially devoid of easily digested carbohydrates.

Intense sweeteners can be used in the manufacture of diabetic foods.

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