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Conditioners and Baking Powders ®

Улучшители и разрыхлители ®

STABILAN FLAU complex food additives are developed by GIORD specialists for a vast, varied and always popular market of bakery and flour confectionery products.

STABILANs FLAU are an answer to all the pressing problems of modern bakers and confectioners, as well as those interested in sales (manufacturers, distributors, retailers). The additives are selected according to the technological function and the dosages are defined according to the type of the final product, from sugary cookies and gingerbread to black bread and Danish pastry.

Areas of application

  • bakery products
  • flour confectionery
  • doughnut bakery products


  • Improved taste
  • Increased shelf life of finished products
  • Consistent quality throughout the shelf life
  • Slowed down staling, molding, rancidification and fat oxidation
  • Possibility to transport products to other regions
  • Improved appearance, consistency and texture
  • Increased yield of finished products, specific volume and oven spring
  • Possibility to sell products in stores that do not comply with storage conditions