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R&D (Research & Development)

The R&D department is a structural unit consisting of highly qualified technologists, who constantly monitor the trends of the global food industry and widen the portfolio of GIORD own inventions.

Our production is certified in accordance with HACCP and ISO 22000-2007 international standards.

The main activities of the GIORD R&D department include:

  • product development;
  • continuous quality control of raw materials and finished products;
  • technological support to clients;
  • joint development and implementation of new products on a call-out basis.

Our R&D specialists can create new recipes using modern ingredients, which will allow you to get better products tailored to your needs and wishes.

Among the most popular inventions that were implemented successfully at dozens of enterprises, there are:

  • BENOSORB®, an all-purpose preservative;
  • STABILAN® SM2 that stabilizes emulsions of dairy-free puddings, condensed milk and whipped glaze, produces suspensions from syrups and chocolate milk and gives the 'body' to syrups and sauces;
  • STABILAN® SM6 that improves the resistance to melting and gives a fatty feeling to hardened ice cream with 8-12% fat content;
  • STABILAN® IS1 that increases the viscosity and prevents the stratification of yoghurts, clabber, kefir and other fermented milk products;
  • STABILAN® M5 that gives a uniform consistency to mayonnaises with 20-67% fat content, sauces, ketchups, etc.;
  • STABILAN® K2 that gives a uniform consistency and prevents the stratification (syneresis) of sauces and beverages;
  • STABILAN FLAU® B2 that slows down the fat oxidation process in flour confectionery products with a high fat content.

Recent inventions include:

To ask a question to our technologists, please fill out or call 8 (812) 449-92-20 or 8 800 700-34-44.