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Stevia Complex Sweeteners ®

Комплексные подсластители со стевией ®

SLAD with Stevia is a series of combined mixes of GIORD intense sweeteners with stevia.


  • SLAD 100 (с-70) with a sweetness coefficient in relation to sugar Csw = 70.
  • SLAD 100 (с-100) with a sweetness coefficient in relation to sugar Csw = 100.

Characteristics and properties

  • ensures sweet taste
  • absolutely safe
  • does not cause dental cavities
  • an insulin-independent sweetener
  • zero-calorie
  • GMO-free
Areas of Application
  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • flavored dairy
  • confectionery
  • marinades and pickles
  • canned fish, etc.


1. Erythritol ('melon sugar'), a natural sugar substitute

2. Sucralose, one of the safest sugar substitutes made from sugar

3. Stevioside, a natural zero-calorie sweetener

Stevia extract (stevioside) is a natural sugar substitute and intense sweetener derived from the South American Stevia rebaudiana plant.

It has a high sweetness coefficient and is practically devoid of calories, easily soluble in water and resistant to heat treatment and acidic environment.


Crystalline powder, white or white with a slightly yellowish shade, odorless.

Recommended Dosages

To calculate the needed amount of sweetener, divide the amount of sugar being replaced by the Csw. Then adjust the dosage after tasting.


Cardboard box with polyethylene liner.

Shelf Life

3 years