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Against rope spoilage

Против картофельной болезни

Spores of Bacillus mesentericus can survive even at high temperatures (up to 120°C), causing rope spoilage in baked goods. The very grain from which the flour was made can be infected. Therefore, the fight against the most common bread disease is relevant in any season.

STABILAN FLAU H1 complex additive (product ID 250514) neutralizes the negative effect of Bacillus mesentericus and improves the rheological properties of the dough, strengthening the gluten. Bakery products retain their freshness and taste for a long time, eliminating the possibility of rope spoilage.

Name Product Technological properties Dosage
FLAU Н1 250514 Bakery products Prevents rope spoilage. Strengthens the gluten, improves the capacity of the bread to keep its shape, improves the uniformity and softness of the crumb and increases the yield of finished products. 1 kg per 100 kg of product