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Glutamit ®

Глутамит ®

GLUTAMIT is an analogue of sodium glutamate (E621), the most popular enhancer of taste and flavor. Its action is also based on sharpening the sensitivity of the taste buds.

Its dosage is 10% less than that of sodium glutamate.

  • enhances the natural taste and flavor of the product that have weakened during processing and storage (for example, canned vegetables and frozen meat and fish)
  • masks negative components of taste and flavor, making the products taste and smell better
  • allows you to reduce the dosage of flavors
Areas of Application
  • snacks (chips, croutons, crackers, etc.)
  • instant soups, broths
  • convenience food
  • mayonnaises, melted cheeses, ketchups
  • sausages
  • canned meat and fish
  • preserves
  • frozen food
  • spices

Method of Application

Similar to sodium glutamate. Add the enhancer to the product together with salt or in a mix of seasonings and spices and mix everything thoroughly. Chips, crackers and peanuts can be sprayed on. In the manufacture of mayonnaises, ketchups and other sauces, the enhancer is introduced into the process vessel in a mix of dry components. Withstands standard heat treatment conditions.