Production and Distribution of Food Additives and Ingredients
for the Food Industry. Dry Mixes for HoReCa


Over 25 flavors of your favorite frozen dessert! High quality ingredients, easy to prepare, three price ranges.

The famous fluffy waffles from Belgium, sweet, unleavened, black, potato or cheese.

Convenient and functional waffle makers for Belgian and Hong Kong waffles.

Hong Kong waffles, also called bubble or egg waffles, are thin waffles with fluffy round cells.

A special kind of Belgian waffles with pearl sugar and thick dough.

Always popular among children and adults.Lots of flavors!

Muffins and cupcakes are small pastries, an excellent complement to tea and coffee.

Fried (or Thai, or rolled) ice cream is an unusual frozen dessert that is prepared in the customer's face.

A fragrant, tasty, versatile hot drink for those with a sweet tooth... and others.

A single refreshing treat combining a drink and a dessert.

Sausages in corn crust. The new incarnation of hot dogs.

An exquisite and light Italian dessert with three classic variations.

Delicious pastries that have rightfully captured all hearts all over the world.

Mixes for popcorn, the best snack ever. Multi-colored, with various tastes and flavors, for various machines.

Traditional Russian pancakes, unleavened and sweet.

A fluffy and tasty biscuit, which serves as a base for cakes, pastries and rolls.

Cold coffee drink relevant at any time of the year.

Cold cooked cheesecake, an English dessert that has become a worldwide blockbuster.

Dessert similar to soft ice cream, but with the characteristic sourness of natural yoghurt.

The famous French cake, perfectly tasty and smooth, with no cracks, and quick in cooking.

Waffle cones and cups, ice-cream bowls, aromatic syrups, delicious toppings and much more.