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Corn Dog Mixes

Смеси для корн-догов

Corn dogs are a modern, practical and delicious version of the usual hot dogs. These are sausages on skewers fried in corn flour dough. This exotic street food can be served as a snack at open-air festivals or in cafés and bars. The mix is suitable for various equipment, but the taste of the corn crust is best revealed when roasted in a regular or a special deep-fat fryer.

Our mix contains all the needed ingredients. Just add water to make corn dogs.

Advantages of Our Mixes

  • Always high product quality
  • Simplified technological process
  • Reduced time to make (less labor and energy costs)
  • No expensive equipment is required to make corn dogs
Our Mixes Save Your Money
  1. 1 kg of mix for corn dogs = 230 rubles
  2. water = 0 rubles
  3. 1 sausage = 30 rubles

Price of 1 corn dog in a café: 130 rubles

Proceeds from 18 portions sold: 2,340 rubles

Profit: 1,570 rubles

How to Make?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    18 corn dogs
Making Corn Dogs Is Easy!

Add 800-900 g of water to 1 kg of the mix. Pierce the sausage with a skewer and dip it in the resulting mixture. Baking or roasting time and temperature depend on your equipment.


Individual plastic bags with metallized coating, which ensure maximum preservation of all product properties during transportation and storage.

Shelf Life

6 months