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Frappé Mixes

Смеси для фраппе

Frappé is a refreshing cold drink with a funny story. They say it was first made accidentally, by coincidence, in the 1950s in Greece from instant coffee. Since then, it has become internationally acclaimed, and many recipes have appeared. Lush caps of whipped cream, various toppings, liqueurs and even fruits... This summer drink can satisfy the most sophisticated needs of coffee gourmets.

To prepare it, you need milk, crushed ice and espresso. The classic version (Frappé Cappuccino) can do without espresso, because the mix contains instant coffee.

What We Offer
  • Dark Frappé (Chocolate)
  • White Frappé
  • Frappé Cappuccino
How to Make?
  • 1
    Beat up
  • 2
    Decorate and serve
Making Frappé Is Easy!

Beat all ingredients up in a blender or similar equipment until smooth or add ice at the end. Serve with a straw in a tall glass, cocktail glass or jar. Toppings and whipped cream are optional.


Individual plastic bags with metallized coating, which ensure maximum preservation of all product properties during transportation and storage.

Shelf Life

12 months