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Doughnut Mixes

Смеси для пончиков

Doughnuts are the best-known and undoubtedly the most popular American kind of baked goods.

An iconic snack on the go, a long-awaited dessert or a perfect treat for a friendly meeting. Pop culture has turned doughnuts into a dish for all occasions, while the unforgettable aroma of delicious dough and its delicate texture make them an everlasting hit on any menu. Each doughnut can become unique, if you diversify the glaze and toppings and add cocoa or cinnamon to the dough.

The yeast-free mix is suitable for dome equipment and does not require molding and use of yeast. The yeast mix is ​​suitable for deep-fat fryers, and you will also need yeast and molding.

German 'twins' of American donuts, called Berliners, are also very tasty and fluffy pastries, which can be done from the yeast-free mix.

Our mix contains all the needed ingredients. Just add water to make doughnuts.

Advantages of Our Mixes

  • Always high product quality
  • Simplified technological process
  • Reduced time to make (less labor and energy costs)
  • Suitable for various equipment
  • Yeast mix can be used to make Berliners
  • No need to buy expensive refrigerators for semi-finished products
  • The use of mixes can significantly reduce costs and increase profits in comparison with frozen semi-finished products
What We Offer
  • Yeast-Free Mix
  • Yeast Mix
How to Make?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    14 doughnuts
Making Doughnuts And Berliners Is Easy!

To make doughnut dough, add 0.53-0.55 liters of water to 1 kg of the mix. Knead the dough for 1 minute at slow speed, then 3 minutes at high speed. Baking time and temperature depend on your equipment.


Individual plastic bags with metallized coating, which ensure maximum preservation of all product properties during transportation and storage.

Shelf Life

6 months