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Sugar Powder

Сахарная пудра

Attractive appearance, an additional aromatic note and the most delicate sensation on the lips. The high-quality powdered sugar is the finishing touch for many flour confectionery products. Sometimes it is also used to prepare cream, glaze or dough.

STANDARD Sugar Powder

STANDARD sugar powder developed by GIORD has the widest possible range of application: desserts, puddings, cooked cereals. It can be used as an additional decoration and sweetener for breakfast cereals and other products. Can be applied to heated products, croutons, toasts and profiteroles. Has a balanced, pleasant and delicate sweet taste.

GIORD sugar powder does not contain starches and other third-party components.


A wider range of sugar powder can be produced: with various flavor and aroma profiles and heat resistance indicators, mixed with cocoa, chocolate chips, poppy seeds, cinnamon and chocolate chips, cloves and chocolate chips, coconut or sugar decor.