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For biscuits

Для бисквитов

The concentrated mix is intended for making different types of biscuits:

  • airy
  • chocolate
  • buttery
  • rolls
  • and other types of confectionery


Odorless white to creamish powder.


  • high-quality finished products made fast
  • easy to use: all recipe components are loaded into the whipping vessel simultaneously and mixed for a short time (no long whipping and phase-by-phase cooking)
  • stabilization of the semi-finished products quality, correction of raw materials flaws
  • a uniform, fine-pored, light product structure
  • perfect for filled muffins (with poppy seeds, nuts, etc.)
  • no mass increase even when whipped, the volume and porosity are formed during baking

Recommended recipes

Airy biscuit
Concentrate 100 g
Sugar 300 g
Flour 250 g
Eggs 500 g
Water 50 g
Biscuit for rolls
Concentrate 100 g
Sugar 300 g
Flour 250 g
Eggs 350 g
Water 100 g
Buttery biscuit
Concentrate 130 g
Sugar 380 g
Flour 330 g
Margarine 170 g
Eggs 380 g
Water 125 g
Chocolate biscuit
Concentrate 90 g
Sugar 300 g
Flour 223 g
Eggs 446 g
Cocoa 36 g
Water 45 g

How to make

Mix all the ingredients in the mixer and beat them up with a whisk at a high speed for 7 minutes. Bake at 160-180°C for 10-30 minutes, depending on the design of the oven.


Individual plastic bags or plastic bags with metallized coating. Group transport packaging: cardboard box with polyethylene liner.

Shelf Life

12 months