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Trisodium citrate

Тринатрий цитрат

Trisodium citrate is an acidity regulator and an antioxidant synergist. It also serves as a color fixative, stabilizer and emulsifier.

In dairy production, trisodium citrate is used to obtain sterilized and pasteurized milk or fermented milk products, as well as canned milk, which requires prolonged heating.


Odorless white crystals with slightly salty-bitter aftertaste.

Areas of application

  • melted cheeses
  • dairy and fermented milk products
  • juices, carbonated and energy drinks
  • marmalade, marshmallow, soufflé
  • jams, preserves, pectin jellies, desserts
  • bakery and confectionery
  • minced meat products
  • margarines, vegetable oils
  • pharmaceutical and cosmetic production