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Ethylvanillin is a synthetic flavoring agent.

It is used to add vanilla aroma to foods and drinks, mask and soften unwanted side tastes and odors (for example, boiling taste in dairy products or fat in baked goods).

Ethylvanillin is used as a cheap substitute for vanillin. Its lavor is close to that of vanillin, yet 3-4 times more intense. Organoleptically, products with ethylvanillin possess a “hard”, “metallic” side taste, the intensity of which depends on the quality of ethylvanillin.


Fine white or slightly yellowish crystals or crystalline powder.

Areas of Application
  • сonfectionery
  • pastry
  • sweetened and pressed cottage cheese
  • ice cream
  • alcoholic beverages
  • perfumery
  • cosmetics

Recommended Dosages

About 4 times lower than those of vanillin.

Method of Application

Similar to vanillin.