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Meat freshener

Освежитель мяса

Meat freshener STABILAN M10 (product ID 250410) is a complex food additive designed to extend the shelf life of chilled meat and semi-finished meat products and preserve the freshness of meat and meat products during storage.

It suppresses the growth of microorganisms that cause spoilage, stabilizes the pH during long-term storage, ensures the preservation of color and appearance.


  • does not require special training or changes in the technological process
  • simple and easy to use
  • suitable for all types of meat: pork, beef, lamb, horse meat, turkey, chicken, offals and semi-finished products
  • does not add any foreign taste to the finished product
  • economical dosage
  • shelf life: 12 months


Fine powder without foreign odors. Uniform color from light beige to beige, typical of the ingredients. Loose powder, lumps that crumble under pressure are allowed.

Areas of Application

  • processing of semi-finished meat products
  • processing of meat carcasses and half carcasses

Recommended Dosages

1 kg of dry mix for 200-300 kg of meat.

Method of Application

Apply the freshener to the meat pieces in accordance with the standard dosage (3-5 g per 1 kg of meat). Rub it into the meat or mix well. Then take the prepared raw meat to a refrigerated room with t° not higher than +4°C.

Can be used to prepare brines for external and internal processing of meat. Spray the brine on the surface or dip the product in the brine (5%).

The complex effect on the microflora stops putrefactive and oxidative processes, refreshes the meat, stabilizes its color and improves the taste of the finished product.