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Lecithin is an emulsifier that also acts as a stabilizer, antioxidant, bakery conditioner and water-retaining agent. It is a surfactant. Other names: phospholipid, phosphatide.


Loose powder, colored from light yellow to dark brownish.

  • creates stable emulsions in oil-water systems
  • strengthens the action of antioxidants
  • stabilizes fat droplets in emulsions with egg white
  • strengthens gluten
  • makes the bread bake thoroughly and slows down staling
  • influences the fluidity and viscosity of partially melted fats
  • accelerates dissolution of powders and granulates
Areas of Application
  • margarines, mayonnaises and other fat and oil products
  • confectionery, baked goods and pasta
  • biscuits, gingerbread, waffles
  • chocolate and chocolate products, glaze
  • soups, broths, breakfast cereals
  • milk and cream powder
  • baby food, farmer cheese
  • cocoa products
  • pet food
  • cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

Recommended Dosages

0.1-1% of the weight of the finished product