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Fish freshener

Освежитель рыбы

Fish freshener STABILAN M10 (product ID 250420) is a complex food additive designed to extend the shelf life of chilled fish and semi-finished products and to preserve their freshness and appearance.

Fish organoleptic properties are assessed on the basis of the state of its coat, organs, gill covers and muscle tissue. Stale fish meat has significantly worse nutritional characteristics, even if transportation and storage were carried out according to the rules.

The quality of the product is greatly influenced by the correctness of the primary processing, since fish products begin to lose their original appearance and taste very quickly. Within a few days, the manufacturer risks getting completely unappetizing carcasses, devoid of consumer appeal. Naturally, the end customer needs a quality product, but long sales make it difficult to maintain an attractive look. To preserve the freshness of fish products and to extend their shelf life, special fresheners have been developed.

Use Features

Stabilization systems for fish products perform several functions at once: they maintain the original appearance, act as fresheners during storage and increase the shelf life of products. Stabilan M10 complex additive can be used for both fresh fish and chilled or defrosted carcasses.


  • neutral taste and flavor
  • can be used independently of the recipe
  • does not require additional preparation of products
  • retains its qualities for a long time
  • cost-effective for both manufacturers and suppliers
  • simple and easy to use


Dry fish freshener is a homogeneous powder without foreign odors. Its color varies from light beige to brownish.

Areas of Application

  • fresh fish processing
  • chilled and defrosted fish processing


Fish food additives can do the following:

  • improve the natural color of fish products
  • reduce secretion of juice
  • minimize fats rancidification (oxidation)
  • keep fish juicy
  • ensure a stable structure even after thawing
  • increase the stability of fish products during transportation

Recommended Dosages

Depend on the fat content. For fat fish (for example, fresh mackerel or herring), you will need a slightly higher amount of powder per kilogram of raw material.

Method of Application

The freshener is used in the form of a solution for spraying fish. You can also dip the fish in the liquid mixture to get the needed effect. It should be remembered that fresheners are not intended to compensate for the poor quality of raw materials and can only be used to stabilize the properties of fish supplied in accordance with all industrial hygiene rules.