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Citric Acid

Лимонная кислота

Citric acid acts as an acidity regulator, an acidulent, a color stabilizer, a hydrolysis and inversion catalyst and an antioxidant synergist. It has a pleasant sour taste.

Therefore, it is widely used to make beverages feel fresh. It also protects food products from the effects of heavy metals.

Edible citric acid is obtained by fermentation of sugar-containing media with the fungus Aspergillus niger. It is found in almost all kinds of fruits, needles, cotton leaves, etc.

Citric acid is usually used in the form of a 20-50% aqueous solution.


Colorless crystals or white powder, soluble in water and alcohol.

Areas of application

  • carbonated and non-carbonated alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, syrups, mineral water
  • confectionery, caramel
  • ice cream
  • jams, jellies, canned fruits and vegetables
  • blanching of fruits and vegetables
  • effervescent vitamins
  • dry drinks and food concentrates
  • fish products and processing of fresh fish, canned fish
  • mayonnaises
  • desserts, salads
  • meat products
  • tobacco products
  • pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, leather industry