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Guar gum

Гуаровая камедь

In food production, guar gum serves as a thickening and, to a lesser extent, stabilizing agent. This additive is extracted from guar beans.

It is highly soluble in cold water. When dissolved, it forms viscous solutions, the viscosity of which is hardly changed by the addition of acids and salts.

It is recommended to use guar gum either separately or in combination with other thickening and stabilizing agents (xanthan gum, locust bean gum, carrageenan, etc.) as part of complex stabilizers.


Grayish white powder, almost odorless.

Areas of Application
  • sauces (mayonnaises, ketchups, etc.), including those with a reduced solids content; especially recommended for use in the production of low-calorie mayonnaises (in the production of mayonnaise, it is recommended to use guar gum in combination with xanthan gum and modified starches)
  • drinks and juices, especially those with reduced solids content
  • frozen food
  • processed fruits and vegetables
  • bakery products
  • ice cream
  • dairy and fermented milk products
  • cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

Recommended Dosages

0.2-0.9% of the weight of the finished product

Method of Application

Add guar gum to the product or to an aqueous solution when stirring. To avoid clumping, it is recommended to pre-mix guar gum with sugar, flour or other prescribed dry components.