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Tara gum

Камедь тары

Tara gum (gum from the seeds of the Peruvian tara tree) is a heat- and acid-resistant thickener, consistency stabilizer and water-retaining agent. It is water-soluble and forms highly viscous aqueous solutions, but insoluble in ethanol and organic solvents.


Odorless white to yellowish powder.

  • regulates bread texture and starch crystallization and retrogradation
  • prevents staling
  • prevents syneresis (stratification) and sedimentation
  • increases resistance to freeze/thaw cycles
  • maintains a stable consistency of cloudy soft drinks and juices
Areas of Application
  • jams
  • jellies
  • marmalades
  • other spreads, including low-calorie ones

Recommended Dosages

0.2-0.5% of the weight of the finished product